My Name is Adans

My name is Adans and I am a 15 year-old student at the All City Leadership Secondary School. My school is a New Visions school that was created through a partnership with RiseBoro and the Department of Education. I am currently in the 11th grade and have an 81% grade point average. From the time I was in elementary school until today, RiseBoro's programs have helped prepare me for college.

Throughout my life I have been involved in a number of programs at the RiseBoro Youth Center. During elementary school, I developed my academic and social skills through the Compass Program (formerly THAP program). This program provided me with academic and homework support. I developed relationships with peers and staff in this program that I still have today.

In middle school, I joined the 21st Century program at the RiseBoro Youth Center. While in the program I participated in numerous activities that provided enrichment in both school and personal interests like sports and the arts.

Currently I am enrolled in the In-School Youth Program, which provides me with college and career readiness. The In-School Youth Program also gives me the opportunity to work with peers and staff that have been with me since elementary school. I also attend the Discretionary Program for baseball training.

RiseBoro has helped me greatly because of the support system that has been placed around me. The staff members are my mentors and have provided me with guidance that helps me focus and think about college and beyond.

Also, RiseBoro Community Partnership has helped my family as well. I live in an apartment managed by RiseBoro, my little brother is in the RiseBoro COMPASS program and my mom got a job as a home attendant with the agency. All I can say is, thank you RiseBoro!

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