Meet Maria

"The stress of doing everything for myself was taking its toll on my health. Having a Home Health Aide has changed everything!"

Maria, an elderly tenant in one of RiseBoro's seven senior buildings seemed to be showing signs of depression. When Aidee Reyes, the Social Services Coordinator for the building where Maria lives, noticed these signs, she took immediate action. She met face to face with Maria and determined in that meeting that Maria was fatigued and her health seemed to be declining. She realized that Maria could really use help with her everyday chores and did not have anyone to assist her. Maria explained to Ms. Reyes that the amount of time she had to dedicate to ensure her home was well taken care of would make her late to her doctor's visits and unable to partake in the many building social activities such as bingo and yoga classes.

Having a well maintained home was very important to Maria who felt she just couldn't find the time to complete her daily tasks and continue to participate in social activities. She confided in Ms. Reyes that because she was overwhelmed, she would often forget to take her medication as well. As Maria's social services worker, Ms. Reyes knew that Maria had previously had a bad experience with home care and was hesitant to open the doors of her home to a Home Health Aide once again.

With encouragement from Ms Reyes and her family, Maria agreed to once again have a home health aide in her home. Ms. Reyes made the necessary referrals and monitored the request for services until a suitable home health aide was placed. Maria and her new aide hit it off right away! Today, Maria is less stressed, in improved health, and attributes these vast improvements in her health to the apt assistance of Ms. Reyes in securing home care.

These days, Maria makes it to her doctor's appointments on time, takes all of her medication, and socializes more with her fellow tenants. Furthermore, she is able to participate in building programs and social events again. She and Ms. Reyes had also discussed time management tactics to ensure Maria would be able to continue to participate in the social activities she loves. Maria says she even has more time to visit her church again, because "my home health aide does such a good job of cleaning that I don't need to dedicate my Sundays to maintenance of my home." 

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of people like Ms. Reyes, Maria no longer feels depressed and alone, but encouraged and supported. She has said that she has never been happier.

RiseBoro is proud of the quality housing we provide to our seniors and all the ancillary services that go along with it. We are proud of Ms. Reyes and all our Social Service Coordinators in our senior citizen buildings.

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