Owen & Ralquan

Owen and his son Ralquan were once homeless. When they received an eviction notice last fall, the pair dreaded a return to the nightmarish situation they'd faced while in the shelter system. "I called the right place at the right time," Owen says, of connecting with RiseBoro. "The first time I met with [my case manager], it was a gift that awaited me. She was willing to guide me through the process. She treated me like family."

RiseBoro recognized Owen's challenges as a single parent. Staff helped the family through the housing court process, provided landlord mediation, and helped them pay off their rental arrears while budgeting and planning for the future. "They saved my life from going back to shelter," Ralquan says of RiseBoro. Father and son were able to remain in their apartment.

"I'm so overjoyed," Owen says, "I recommend the program to every family who has a crisis or a situation like ours. I would say to all families, although you may be in a difficult situation, never give up."

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