Community Artist Project

In 2015 RiseBoro Community Partnership launched Bushwick's first Community Artist Project: Public Art commissioned for Bushwick by Bushwick. RiseBoro is proud to contribute to the cultural and creative environments of Bushwick and to continue celebrating our local traditions of Public Art.

The artists/art collectives that were selected for CAP all have long-term ties to Bushwick and have long celebrated the creative expressions of our community. RiseBoro developed CAP as an intentional Community Initiative focused on providing opportunity and support for the longstanding creative Bushwick community. CAP is a unique local opportunity, calling together RiseBoro residents, RiseBoro staff, our built environment and our creative community, to develop Public Art works which showcase the proud and diverse talents of Bushwick's artists.

CAP art installation began around Bushwick in the early summer of 2015 and continues through 2016. Bushwick artists who were selected for funding and support from RiseBoro through our CAP initiative have developed large scale images that reflect the diverse culture, history and experiences of the Bushwick Community. CAP Public Art themes include Tenants' Rights/No Buy Outs, real life heroes representative of Bushwick's long term cultural communities, reverence for traditional education, and traditional Bushwick homes and domestic scenes.

CAP project sites marked on map
CAP Art Installation Sites

CAP Artists

Mark Garcia

Project site TBC: DOT/RiseBoro Knickerbocker Plaza 

Project site for Mark Garcia at Knickerbocker Plaza

Mark Garcia was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he is the youngest of three boys all raised by their parents who are of Puerto Rican descent.  Mark, married with two children, is raising his family in Bushwick. Mark began drawing as early as 5 years old.  He graduated from the High School of Art & Design, where his children also graduated.  After High School, Mark earned an Associate's Degree from FIT.  Along the way Mark has worked as a freelance artist doing airbrushing, commissioned works, tattooing and murals.  His work has also been part of group exhibitions. Mark has done various local murals and large scale art works. Recently Mark completed a rainforest themed piece and the adornment of the "green" room with earth friendly designs throughout the Bushwick public elementary school where he has worked for over a decade.

Mark can be reached at

Arts and Rhymes Collective: Facilitated BY BRIAN "MR. RADIO" CAMACHO

Project site: 424 Melrose Street

A mural at 424 Melrose painted by HopsArt

Arts and Rhymes was founded in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2010. Since its founding, this Artists Collective has made innumerable community connections with various artists of all forms, through hosting community events and showcases. Arts and Rhymes is a collective of creative individuals embracing the elements of art, dance, performance and DJ'ing while focused on creating a local platform dedicated to hip hop culture. Arts and Rhymes has put together a team of photographers, cinematographers, graphic designers, painters, dancers and DJ's that work cooperatively on projects to help each other showcase each individual's talents. In 2012, Arts and Rhymes created a partnership with Burger-It-Up, a popular local restaurant, where Arts and Rhymes hosts creative events every Thursday, bringing together the community through art and music. Arts and Rhymes is also an active speaker for and in the community, encouraging expression and self-identification in today's complex society.

HopsArt of "HopsArt Illustrations" grew up on Troutman Street in Bushwick Brooklyn in the early 80's. At the time Bushwick was changing from a hub for manufacturing, importing and exporting to a poverty stricken community. Drugs and gang violence played a big role in Bushwick at that time. Hops avoided interactions with negative things going on around him. He would be home making art rather than being out in the streets. He bonded with other kids from the block and within his high school who also chose to avoid negative influences by drawing and competing amongst each other in elaborate, time consuming Graffiti Art sketch books. Those Artworks reflected the tones of the Bushwick area and its conditions including the fun entertainment of comic books, cartoons, hip hop culture and popular movies of the 80's era. Throughout his career HopsArt has been commissioned to create portraits, illustrations, public murals, memorials, backdrops, and murals for community centers, restaurants, bars and private rooms. HopsArt majored in Illustration at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. He has supervised crews of teenagers creating over nine community oriented murals. He has also taught mural painting at a charter school. HopsArt currently lives in Brooklyn and collaborates with fellow artists and freelances for anyone who appreciates customized art and effective illustration.

World of Dreem Collective

Project site: 26 Morgan Avenue

Project sketch by World Of Dreem Collective
Project sketch by World of Dreem Collective

Adam Pessah has been collaboratively working with the World of Dreem Collective in Bushwick for over 10 years. During this time Mr. Pessah has been an intermittent Bushwick resident- actively participating in Bushwick art exhibitions, organizing local block parties, painting local murals, and teaching art to Bushwick Youth. Adam Pessah earned a Bachelor's Degree from the School of Visual Arts and a Master's Degree from the New York Academy of Art. Pessah's family has long lived in Bushwick and he has deep respect for the diversity, love, families, and communities of Bushwick. "Now much of the Bushwick Community is disappearing and we need to educate the people more to the true essence of Bushwick, Brooklyn. We need to bring back home the feeling of unity in the neighborhood again."

Eddie Byrd , was born an artist, an artist by God's design. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Mr. Blunt has made Bushwick his home for over a decade, living on Grove Street and Palmetto Street. Eddie Byrd, aka Mr. Blunt, is a self-taught artist with a style that marries street and fine art together in a strong, edgy, and provocative way. Byrd started out a graffiti artist in the early 80's and has executed many large scale murals singularly and with other artist groups such as Bushwick's World of Dreem. He also enjoys oil painting on canvas in his free time.

Wil Change Mad-Era , is a Latino artist, born and raised in good old Bushwick where his family has lived for over 50 years. He states: "I never left. I am from here. This is where my roots are rooted and the seeds grow. I eat, sleep and live what I do." Bushwick is a place that has most influenced Wil's development in life. Wil is an active member of the larger Bushwick Community and his local block. Wil organizes community events like the yearly block party. As a youth and peer educator, Wil shares his creative skills and knowledge with the community, teaching youth about art and the history of Bushwick and its culture. He has worked with the community for over 20 years, recently with Wyckoff Hospital to organize an event at Maria Hernandez Park, to educate the community about STDs and HIV prevention. He has also donated custom paintings to Wyckoff Medical Outreach Program and has participated in numerous volunteer programs in and around the city.

Check out the World of Dreem on Instagram and Facebook

Danielle DeJesus

Project Site: 301 Jefferson Street (in process fall 2016) 

Born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Danielle says she "learned to appreciate everything that surrounds me in this great city. This is why my work as a photographer and painter have been dedicated to preserving life in this concrete jungle I call home. Since 2008, I have been photographing my neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn and the preservation of the culture that is rapidly declining and changing everyday.

Project site for Danielle DeJesus

My focus has been to document the people that I am familiar with in my neighborhood and all of the people that have been in my life throughout my life in Bushwick. Gentrification began about 10 years ago in my neighborhood and when it first began I felt helpless as I watched the people around me disappear. One day I decided that maybe I should photograph what is left of the neighborhood as it is before it changes forever and so I picked up my camera and began my story on Bushwick. This project consist mostly of environmental portraits and landscapes of this beautiful place I call my home. In one specific area of my series, I photographed a man named Carmelo in what was left of the place he called home. When walking into the skeleton of the buildings remains, I was immediately taken back by how cold and musky the air was. We walked down into the basement were he lived and I was overwhelmed by all of his belongings. I decided to focus on photographing him sitting at his splintering table so I set up a small side light and began taking his portrait. By the time I was done, I had a great collection of images to add to my series.

Since picking up a camera for the first time in my life back in 2002, I have had a passion for photography. There is no greater feeling than that of reflecting back on memories that can no longer be relived the same way, through a photograph. I hope through my work, that I can document moments in our lifetime that will move and inspire people for many generations to come."

See more of Danielle's work at her website and on Instagram.

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